Adrian Tupper

Edinburgh based
Counsellor Supervisor Trainer

Training for personal development and relationship with money

Coping with Change


I am an experienced trainer and facilitator of personal development, either personally as a counsellor or in groups as a trainer. Recent workshops include:

  • Coping with change, and
  • Positive thinking.

I present my own material or I deliver workshops using material that exists within training organisations.

“… long experience in the financial sector … a therapy-inspired workshop …”


My long experience in the financial sector, coupled with activities with my money blog, charity investments and the Transparency Task Force drew me to deliver a therapy-inspired workshop on Our Relationship with Money. This explores how money has become “a thing” and what this means to us, based on our early experiences of money and on how we relate with people. The ideas are extended into third party experiences, currently these are handling transactions in the helping professions, and being responsible for money and investments that aren’t yours.

I also deliver presentations and training on behalf of organisations with their own material, with the added bonus of my experience in the area.

For enquiries about training, please contact me using the form below.

    Text/phone 07853 749188